Respawn confirms differences between XB1 and X360 versions of Titanfall; discusses all-mech battles

Respawn’s Community Manager Abbie Heppe spoke to MKGaming where she confirmed that Titanfall on the Xbox One/PC will have differences compared to the Xbox 360 version.

– Since the Xbox One version uses the cloud, does this mean the Xbox 360 and PC versions will be worse off? Are you able to go into any detail about the differences between the platforms?

There will be differences because the platforms are different but the game isn’t finished yet so I can’t go into detail about what they might be.

Heppe went to confirm that Respawn will not be changing anything regard Titanfall’s always online mode after the Xbox One policy changes.

She went on to talk about how maps will support All-mech battles in game:

“Titans are available throughout the match and are set to a timer,” she stated. “You can decrease the amount of time it takes to call in a Titan by completing objectives and getting kills. Once you lose your Titan the countdown starts again. It is possible that everyone in the match could have a Titan on the battlefield at the same time.”

“We have to have maps that support not only the Titans which are over 20 feet tall but also human-sized Pilots,” she said, “so even our ‘smaller’ maps are pretty large comparatively,” Heppe explains, “What’s cool is each map has areas for Titans and areas for Pilots, so you get these smaller maps built into the larger ones and all these cool pathways through them.”

Titanfall is set to launch in Spring 2014 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

SOURCE: MKGaming via MP1st 

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