Titanfall: Deluxe Edition now available on Xbox 360

EA and Respawn have now released the Titanfall Deluxe Edition for Xbox 360 gamers digitally. The Deluxe Edition includes the base game and all three DLC packs released for Titanfall for a price of $49.99. Prepare for Titanfall. Crafted by one of the co-creators of...

Titanfall Game Update 8 releases on December 1st on Xbox 360

Titanfall Game Update 8 is coming to Xbox 360 players on December 1st. The update brings the all new co-op mode, new multiplayer modes, bug fixes, and more. Full patch notes available here....

Titanfall Deluxe Edition announced, includes all DLCs + game

Today, Respawn announced a new Titanfall Deluxe Edition. We’re excited to reveal the Deluxe Edition for Titanfall. Delivering the complete Titanfall experience, the Titanfall Deluxe Edition includes the award-winning game featuring agile pilots and massive titans...

Titanfall: IMC Rising DLC available Oct 21st on Xbox 360

EA has announced that the third and final DLC pack for Titanfall will be available next week, on October 21st, for Xbox 360 gamers. Titanfall: IMC Rising includes three brand new maps – Backwater, Zone 18, and Sand Trap.. Titanfall: IMC Rising has been available on...

Titanfall: IMC Rising available September 25th on Xbox One & PC

Respawn has announced that the third and final DLC pack for Titanfall is coming to both Xbox One and PC customers this Thursday, September 25th. IMC Rising brings 3 brand new multiplayer maps and is included with the Season Pass or can be bought separately for $9.99....

Titanfall: IMC Rising ‘Sand Trap’ map revealed with new images

Respawn and EA have released the first details and images of the new Sand Trap MP Map, part of Titanfall: IMC Rising DLC coming soon. This is one of the three maps coming in the new DLC. One of my main goals with Sand Trap was to use old ideas in new ways. In the...

Respawn will be live streaming Titanfall: IMC Rising DLC on September 23rd on Twitch at 12pm PDT

Respawn has updated the official Titanfall Twitch page to note that the studio will be live streaming the first gameplay of Titanfall: IMC Rising on Tuesday, September 23rd. Looking for more information on IMC Rising? Join us live on September 23rd @12PM PDT for our...

Titanfall: IMC Rising ‘Zone 18’ map revealed with new images

Respawn and EA have released the first details and images of the new Zone 18 MP Map, part of Titanfall: IMC Rising DLC coming soon. This is one of the three maps coming in the new DLC. Inside an old IMC base hidden in the vast wilderness of the Dakota system, advanced...

Buy an Xbox One, get a game for free between Sept 7th – Sept. 13th

Microsoft has announced a new promotion to promote the Xbox One console: Buy the Xbox One, get a game for free. The game can be any of the currently available, or new games, for Xbox One between September 7th – September 13th. Titanfall is one of the games you can get...

Titanfall: IMC Rising ‘Backwater’ map revealed with new images

Respawn and EA have released the first details and images of the new Blackwater MP Map, part of Titanfall: IMC Rising DLC coming soon. This is one of the three maps coming in the new DLC. “High in the mountains, ex-IMC pilot Barker and his fellow colonists have made a...

Titanfall 2 Gameplay

Warning Spoiler Alert!!!

What are the Best Hosting Companies for Gamers?

So you’ve got your website all ready. You’ve spend time and money creating the perfect interface for yourself or your business and now you’re ready to unveil it to the world however there’s something you need to consider, who’s going to host it?

A lot of the quality of the website will be decided by the server used and the hosting company you work with. Without the right company managing the website you can find there are a lot of problems which is something you want to avoid wherever possible.

Hosting companies provide a fairly simple service. They allow your website to be hosted on the world wide web and this lets users search for and access your site. If your website can’t be viewed then there’s no real point in it’s existence.

The hosts work this by storing all of the website data on what’s called a server. A server is a piece of machinery that provides functionality for other devices, in this case it allows your website to be accessed. Without this you won’t be online and nobody can see the data.

So when somebody types in the web address they’re accessing this server which is run by the hosting company. Of course the technology behind it is fairly complicated, but what’s important is finding the right hosting company for your website.

Finding the Best Hosting Companies
Hosting companies offer a range of benefits for using them over the competition but when it boils down to it you have to find one which best fits your needs. Differently built websites have their own set of features and some of these will need a specific hosting service that can accommodate them.

If you have a standard website without any crazy bells or whistles you’ll be fine with pretty much any hosting service and you’ll quickly find that there is a hell of a lot to choose from. There are 3 main elements to compare when looking through the choices.

Reliability – Your website needs to run all the time so you’ll need a server that is hosting you all the time. Most servers now operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but it’s still worth looking out for to make sure you’re live when your users need you.

By using powerful servers you’ll find you have a much more stable service for everyone who uses it. Uptime scores are used to assess the reliability or a page and ideally you’ll have as close to 100% as possible. Anything below 99.5% probably isn’t worth the money so keep on looking.

Add on Domains
Domain names are pretty ridiculously cheap and it’s common to own multiple web addresses. This means you could potentially have hundreds of sites and you’ll want the ability to add these onto the server you’re using, rather than finding another provider.

You’ll find a lot of the major companies allow up to 25 domains on one account but a few will only allow one, so be sure to check.

Customer Support
Customer support is essential with web hosting because sometimes things go wrong. The most well known companies in the world experience problems with their servers and it’s going to happen to everyone sooner or later.

By making sure you use a company with excellent customer service, that’s accessible 24/7 then you’ll really lower your downtime when it occurs and hopefully they can get you back online ASAP.

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There are a lot of different criteria for choosing your web hosting. Some of these are technical and others are practical but we’ve identified the key three to look out for to ensure a good service. Other crucial factors are price, renewal charge and extra features (like e-commerce).

Top 10 Hosting Companies
With so many different hosting companies to choose from it’s pretty difficult to pinpoint the best value for money for you. Luckily enough we’ve done the legwork for you and found the best hosting companies around.

Check out our complete guide to the best hosting companies.