Vince Zampella says Titanfall won’t sell as well as Call of Duty

Vince Zampella, Co-Founder of Respawn Entertainment, said in an interview with California’s KFI AM60, that Titanfall, their upcoming title, won’t sell as well as Call of Duty.

“It’s a new brand,” Zampella said about Titanfall. “You build up momentum over the years when you put out a new brand. It’s starting over, so it won’t sell as well [as Call of Duty].”

“But for us it’s…kind of a passion project. We love it. It’s something new,” he added. “It’s taking the old paradigm of these shooter games being very grounded and two-dimensional and now adding this verticality to it and making it something that’s a new experience; something that people haven’t seen before.”

Zampella also confirmed in that interview that Titanfall is coming in Spring 2014 to Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC for a retail price of $60.


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