Titanfall servers are now online

We’re getting reports that the Titanfall servers are up, and people are able to connect and attempt to find a game.

If you’re one of the lucky few to get hold of Titanfall ahead of release, you should be able to play online without issue, although don’t expect to find many players or even start a match.

It’s normally standard practice for multiplayer games of this nature to have their server environments online a few days ahead of launch. Servers are online for general testing purposes and to ensure the multiplayer environment is stable.

Review copies were also sent out to media outlets in the last few days to give them a chance to compile reviews ahead of the games release – and with Titanfall being a multiplayer game, they’d need some servers to try it out for themselves.

Do remember that anyone playing online at this moment represents a tiny minority of the expected player base once the game launches, therefore they would pose as a minimal threat to day one players.

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