Upcoming Titanfall update will bring ability to rename custom loadouts, add more loadout per mode, & enhancements to challenges

Respawn has announced the first details regarding an upcoming update for Titanfall. This update is separate from today’s update and it’ll bring some much asked for features.


A selection of improvements that will be released in an upcoming update:

  • More Custom Loadout Slots with Custom Slots per Game Mode
  • Ability to rename Custom Loadout Slots
  • Last Game Summary shows the scoreboard from the previous match
  • Additional customization options in Private Match
  • Better 120hz monitor support
  • Pick-up prompt for dropped Amped weapons appear in a different color than for normal weapons
  • Enhanced interaction with Challenges. You will be able to review your Challenges by the following criteria:
    • Completed (in your previous match)
    • Most progressed (in your previous match)
    • Almost completed (overall)
  • Scoreboard icons will reflect 3 new states:
    • Player Evacuated
    • Player Dead with Auto-Titan Still Alive
    • Player Alive with Auto-Titan Still Alive

SOURCE: Titanfall

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