Xbox Live suffering from downtime and signing-in issues on Titanfall launch day

Titanfall has officially released in North America with an overwhelmingly good reception from the gaming community – but Xbox Live isn’t so healthy.

Xbox Live doesn’t appear to be handling the Titanfall excitement quite so well with intermittent downtime and signing-in issues for the duration of Titanfall’s launch day in North America.

Microsoft is investigating the issues as a matter of urgency and is working to resolve the issues surrounding signing-in to Xbox Live. The following is posted on the Xbox Live status page:

Unable to sign in to Xbox Live? We’re on it! Our team will be hard at work until this issue is fixed and you are back online! Thanks for your patience while we work. We’ll continue to update you right here every 30 minutes until the issue is mitigated.

Titanfall is the first real test of Microsoft’s Cloud infrastructure in a multiplayer gaming environment involving thousands of players, so issues are to be expected. Remember, the power of the cloud.

Source: Xbox.com

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