Titanfall runs at native 792p resolution on Xbox One, same as the Beta – reports of FPS drops

We’re getting reports and evidence suggesting the retail version of Titanfall on the Xbox One is running at a native 792p resolution, exactly the same as the beta build.

Pixel counters have been trying to determine the native resolution and have reached the conclusion it is 792p, or more specifically 792P 2XAA.

We’ve also had reports from players who already have a copy of Titanfall on Xbox One that FPS drops seen in the Titanfall Beta still remain, although not as severe. We can confirm this is true from our own testing on the Xbox One.

Whilst the intention was for Titanfall to run at 60fps on the Xbox One, it would appear this has not been achieved on a constant basis.

Reddit user ‘revimack’ reported the following on the native resolution:

Based on some careful pixel counting (measuring the amount of aliasing artifacts on flat edges), I’ve concluded that the Xbox One version of Titanfall is not rendering at an enhanced resolution relative to the beta. The One version of Titanfall still renders at 792p.


Here are some screenshots, for reference:

Beta screenshot 1beta screenshot 2

Retail screenshot 1retail screenshot 2

We’ll await official confirmation from either Respawn or once a proper test has taken place, but it appears the above is accurate.

Source: Reddit

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