Titanfall will feature ‘prestige’ system known as ‘Regenerating’ – 10 generation ranks

Users on NeoGAF have been making numerous discoveries over the last few days thanks to the Titanfall Beta on PC.

According to the user ‘RazorUK’, Titanfall will feature a levelling structure similar to that of Call of Duty’s ‘Prestige’ system – known in the game as Regeneration.

The user was able to obtain menu text from the beta code that suggests each generation will feature 50 levels – generation 1 being the level you start at. By choosing to regenerate your pilot, anything you have unlocked and obtained as well as challenges will be reset and wiped clean.

Once you have regenerated, the menu text suggests your Pilot will “be better, sharper, acquiring experience even faster than before” – potentially allowing you to progress through levels at a quicker pace – end of match bonus based on generation level perhaps?

Max level is set to 14 in the beta files. However if we go by the level progression unlocks (last item is at level 49), Level 50 being max is likely.
There are 10 generation ranks. I believe generation 1 is what you start the game with.


Here is some of the menu text taken from the beta:


Take me to generation [next level].

Warning! You will lose all that you have unlocked and be reset to level 1. All challenges will be reset.

Years of battle have taken their toll. We can regenerate you… at a cost.
Your body can be restored. But your memory and your experience…all will be lost.
When you awaken you will respawn a [next level] generation Pilot.
You will be better, sharper, acquiring experience even faster than before.

Are you sure?
I’m sure

Are you really sure?
Yes positive!

Would you like to go to the next gen?
Take me to next gen!


Generation numerics:

Source: NeoGAF

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