Respawn sees potential in Titanfall and eSports; they’ll evaluate feedback post launch

Respawn’s CM spoke with MajorNelson in a QA, and she talked about eSports and Titanfall. As of now, there’s basically no eSports within Titanfall due to very limited features. Abbie Heppe says that this is Respawn’s first title, and focusing on the game itself was their main drive, not eSports.

Respawn: That really hasn’t been our focus. Our focus has been to get a really solid foundation out. A game that is really fun, that will attract players, and keep them playing for a really long time. That said, we have a TON of interest from the e-sports community, and I know we’re not going to be shipping with all the features that they’re going to be wanting in the game, but we’re in our first iteration. A lot of the games that have developed good e-sports features and the competitive community are ones that multiple iterations to get that done and to build in those things. So while that couldn’t be a priority for us here, we’re definitely listening to all of the feedback. We’re interested in what competitive players think when the game ships, and it’s definitely something we’ll look into, but not something that’s been our primary focus.

Respawn does plan to support the game post-launch. EA has already announced that there will be DLC for Titanfall, and that they will reveal their strategy as to how they’ll approach DLC post launch.

SOURCE: MajorNelson via Polygon

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