Best Gaming Chairs for 2018: Are You Getting the Most for Your Buck?

As gamers we’ll spend hours agonizing over every element of our PC. We’ll make sure we have the best graphics, that our monitors are up to scratch and that every element of our gaming experience is the best it can be. We’ll also find all the latest games and look to expand our collection.

solid chair for pc gaming

What is perhaps sometimes overlooked is the chair we sit in to do all of this gaming. Choosing the right gaming chair is important for a whole host of reasons. Firstly you’ll want a comfortable chair. This makes sense just from a practical standpoint because you’ll spend hours in it.

Secondly you’ll need to consider your health. A poor quality gaming chair won’t provide the support you need and when you’re sat there for hours that can have disastrous side effects. Damaging your back is no laughing matter and that pain can carry on and affect other elements of your life like your job or family time.

Finally if you want to be able to focus for a long time, which is essential in a lot of games, you’ll need a chair that isn’t causing any discomfort. Pain in your rear end is common is poor quality chairs and not ideal when playing. The right chair will provide comfort and support making your gaming much easier.

Gaming Chair Features

Now we’re all on the same page about how important the right gaming chair is, let’s see how we go about selecting the right one. There are a lot of different gaming chairs on the market but we’ve identified some of the key features to look out for when selecting the best gaming chair.

  • Ergonomic Shape

For the highest comfort level you’ll want your gaming chair to be in an ergonomic shape. This means it is shaped to fit your body and you should be able to sink into it, while it is still supporting your body.

  • Material

The right material is essential for comfort. A well cushioned chair is good, but memory foam is even better because it will literally adapt to your body. Vinyl or leather both work well for the upholstery.

  • Chair Height

Another often overlooked feature is the height of the chair. You’ll want to be sure that the gaming chair is high enough so that your feet just touch the floor. An adjustable chair might be the way to go.

  • Mobility

Gaming chairs can come with built in mechanisms for increased utility. Swivel motions or rocking motions are both useful and can give increased levels of comfort. Definitely something to look out for when selecting your gaming chair.

These key features all come together to make a great gaming chair. If possible you should always try out a chair in person before purchase, but if you’re buying online be sure to check out reviews of individual models.

Choosing the best Gaming Chair

Depending on your budget and style preferences, there are a lot of different gaming chairs available. Looking for these key features indicated above is a great place to start. For a complete list of the best gaming chairs see below.

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