First Titanfall DLC called ‘Expedition’ arriving in May 2014, contains 3 new maps


Announced at PAX East just now, the first Titanfall DLC is called Expedition and will arrive May 2014.  Coming this May, Expedition will introduce three new maps to the Frontier including Runoff, Swamplands and Wargames.

Swamplands features tree running, meaning you can jump between trees, and even run on top of these. The setting for this map is like an alien type base.

In the wake of the Battle of Demeter, IMC Expeditionary Forces travel deep into Frontier space to recover from their recent defeat. On an uncharted world, the IMC begin construction of a new fleet operations base, using newly acquired water collection and filtration plants to support the new base. When drainage operations reveal ancient ruins and artifacts of an unknown origin in a nearby swamp, Spyglass activates an archaeological team to investigate the site. To maintain battle readiness at the new base, IMC Pilots use simulation pods to train for anticipated Militia raids, based on lessons learned in Angel City and IMC Airbase Sierra.

This first DLC is also included with the Season Pass. The Season Pass costs $24.99 for the 3 DLC packs set to come for Titanfall.

SOURCE: Titanfall

  • MuscledRMH

    THe new improvements are looking good!

  • mile104mc

    Looking forward to the War Games map. I’d like to see a co-op waves mode or players vs nature where the dragons/aliens attack the players.

    • Haydenwaffles

      then it would basically be orion dino horde

  • chief

    3? That’s horrible for 10 bucks. Should be 4…

    • Abraham

      The maps are very large. I doubt the dlc will only offer maps, but I think 10 is fair, considering how large the maps are [medium for a Titan, very large for a Pilot].

      • chief

        Fair point for sure. The maps require a lot more than CoD maps (especially MW3 and on).

    • John Blue

      How many maps do you get for $15 in CoD or whatever the cost of DLC is in Battlefield and the maps you get for it?

      Oh and don’t bother with the “they also has other stuff” answer, we don’t even know what else is in this DLC yet and so far adding more guns to the already large pools of weapons in aforementioned games hasn’t improved their value at all.

      • hoodium

        They have coop vs AI action included with exinction.
        U know, titanfall is only multiplayer, so they should deliver way more than the complete games out there…
        but anyways, titanfall ain’t a full price worthy game and there should be no paid map dlcs for this at all (only free ones).
        love the game, but value is a joke…sorry.

        • John Blue

          Okay, let’s add that to the 4 multiplayer maps…

          5 maps for $15
          3 maps for $10

          Yeah, Titanfall maps do cost $0.333333… more. But like I said, there is no word yet on whether the CONTENT packs are only maps, or something else too.

          • hoodium

            As being multiplayer only it should have 2 times the multiplayer content of a complete game like COD anyways, that’s the point.
            And nope – it doesn’t

          • John Blue

            I’m sorry it took an hour to respond – was really hard to stop laughing.

            “Complete game like COD”? You leave me no choice but to assume one of these statements are true:

            1. You have not played through any Call of Duty campaign since… Well to be honest I started playing CoD at MW2 so I can’t talk about anything before but we are discussing current games and their content. So let’s say you have not played Call of Duty campaign in Ghosts, MW3 or Black Ops 2

            2. You played through all of the aforementioned Call of Duty campaigns while you were on some sort of drug or at least moderately drunk.

            If you SERIOUSLY want to compare this game to Call of Duty then this game has just as much a campaign as CoD does.
            CoD games have short, meaningless campaigns that exist only to please the crowd of people like you – “Game has to have a single player campaign or it’s not worth a full price!”.
            Titanfall has a multiplayer campaign where you are familiarised with the flow of the MP action while you go through a story that I’ve yet to decipher whether it’s meaningless or not (I can’t pick up enough of the story when I miss some cutscenes when loading, no subtitles in lobby voice overs and a lot of talking happens when I fight other players)

            Either way, both games are intended for multiplayer. That is their main purpose. You can’t argue that CoD is more of a complete game because it has an arbitrary campaign that some people don’t even bother to play through because they bought the game for it’s multiplayer.

          • Charlieintel ALL DAY


      • chief

        4 + Zombies.

        2 extra maps, one of which requires a shit ton of more work, for 5 more bucks. It’s better.

        • John Blue

          If you read my comment you will notice how I mentioned adding guns has not improved the value of games lately.

          That said, I can imagine how Titanfall could add some sort of wacky sci-fi weapon that is more funny than serious, but this is just me dreaming. Don’t ask me what, but the article doesn’t say there is nothing else with the maps included

        • Jacob Brown

          Honestly? Titanfall needs more viable pilot weapons, and it needs them bad. As much as I would hate for said weapons to be released as paid DLC… Maybe you’re right.

          Paid DLC weapons are pretty poisonous.

          • chief

            I wouldn’t mind new free DLC guns. I’ll just go crazy if it’s paid.

      • Pitchy

        I figure since those of us who bought the game when it first came out and have had to suffer through several server outages… that we as beta testers (after release) should be given something for all the bugs in the game.

  • MuscledRMH

    Would love to see a Free Pump Action Shotgun added to the game! Would also love to see Gun Camos and a Clan System with Clan Tags

    • John Blue

      Finally someone actually comes out and includes their idea of what new guns they want! Given how there is no Pump Action shotgun in game, this would actually make sense. I just can’t imagine a more powerful shotgun than what the EVA is now >_>

      • Pitchy

        The EVA can be so inaccurate that I feel like a blind man with Parkinson disease who’s been on steady diet of meth and poprocks for a week when I am shooting someone point blank and amazingly miss 3 times before they jump kick me, only to see their health at 100%

        I would love to see a boost on the accuracy at short to medium range. It’s a shotgun so I don’t expect miracle kills when someone is 30 feet away. But I fail to understand how I can miss someone 3 feet away when I am pointing right at them.

  • WackyorbProductions

    This is all great but we REALLY need new guns

    • fed up

      Why do we need more guns? Surely the less guns in each class the more balanced and fair the game is. Tbh, I’d quite happily have one in each class rather than the necessary artificial adjustments similar games make to differentiate the guns. Less guns and less arguments about over powered(insert new gun)

  • Eddie Hill

    Looking forward to the new dlc. A lot pf people want new guns.. i find the guns fine.. except the damn smart pistol. that shit should be nurfed haha. tis really annoying.

    • Charlieintel ALL DAY

      EXACTLY! N00bs put on cloak and smart pistol and wreak havoc lol.

  • Pitchy

    For as buggy as the game is, the horrible netcode and hit detection along with servers being down… they should give this expansion pack away.

    • Unreal

      i have no connection issues as well as no problem with hit detection which works amazingly better than what cod has …

      • Pitchy

        are you playing on PC or console? there have been several times when the entire servers were down. I remember one time it was down for half a day while Microsoft worked to get the X Box servers back online, which also takes down the PC servers as well.


    Cant wait for the new maps, wargames map looks like a mind…messer :)