Respawn working on locked framerate issues for PC

PC players has been reporting framerate, VSync and mouse input issues since the Titanfall Beta, and it appears they still remain in the full version.

Titanfall appears to be capped at 60fps although can increase based on the settings being used. For example, if VSync is disabled, the framerate is locked at 60fps resulting in a less than pleasurable experience for people with 60Hz displays. There’re also conflicting reports that the framerate lock increases to 120fps for players using 120Hz displays.

Reddit user ‘Moops7‘ has given a basic rundown of the situation and possible solutions to the problem:

1.If you keep v-sync off, frame rate is capped to your refresh rate (60 for me) and this causes fuck-your-face-level screen tearing. [Edit: apparently it is capped to 60 FPS for everybody. This will cause horrible tearing for users with 60 hz monitors. I would imagine people with higher refresh rates would not have the tearing but they will also not be able to get the full potential out of their monitor] [Edit 2: Okay so there are conflicting reports regarding this. Some people, including rivalXfactor, with 120hz monitors are saying they get locked to 60 and some are saying 120.]


2. If you turn V-sync on (in-game and/or with Nvidia control panel), you get no screen tearing, but V-sync introduces input lag that just isn’t acceptable in a multiplayer FPS.


3.If you turn on V-sync in game and simultaneously disable it through Nvidia control panel, the framerate is unlocked, and tearing is gone. Good right? BUT WAIT… your mouse sensitivity is now tied to your FPS for some shit reason. So FUCK THAT.


4.BEST SOLUTION I HAVE COME UP WITH: Use the above workaround (Point 3) and limit your FPS with a program like MSI Afterburner or Nvidia Precision X. This will ensure that your mouse sensitivity remains relatively constant. I limit mine to 63 to avoid any tearing. Although I STILL feel like there may be a little input lag, but this may be due to the stuttering that this method seems to introduce.

Regardless of which way you look at it, the framerate in Titanfall is locked, and many PC players dislike the resulting experience.

Respawn, or more specifically Vince Zampella has confirmed the team are working on the problem, although no more details were given.

We’ll be sure to update you when more details arise.

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