Titanfall issues with multiple GPU PC’s to be fixed in upcoming patch


PC players have reported issues with both locked framerates and the lack of SLI support for Titanfall.

Framerate drops, severe artifacts and crashing of the game are just some of the issues reported when playing Titanfall with SLI enabled, or in certain configurations.

Respawn has announced a fix is on the way in an upcoming patch on Twitter. Vince Zampella confirmed this is the case although no ETA has been given.

  • Stick Man

    No wonder I was getting 30ish frames with SLI. It didn’t matter whether I was on med, high, ultra, AA on, AA off, always 30ish. Yay! My comp doesnt suck as much as I thought!!!!

    • aaa187

      What are your specs?

      • Woody

        I’m 2 x 780, 3770k @4.4, 16GB, fresh Win install last week, latest nvidia driver and it is only running on one card and it frequently drops below 60fps with the accompanying vsync stutter on 1080p with everything maxed.

        Laughable. I have a 144hz monitor and as the game looks 10 years old even on the highest settings I was genuinely expecting a minimum 144fps. As it turns out I have to lower the detail from “dated” to “utter garbage” just to maintain 60fps. You would never guess this was an EA game would you.

  • Steven De Bondt

    Well, What is MUCH more important here is that this affects crossfire aswell.

  • Virt_X_Machina

    So, am I supposed to get some sort of credit seeing as I am unable to play because:
    1.) The server crapps out
    2.) The brief time I am in it looks like garbage?

  • Viking2121

    So, this game still plays like garbage on 2x 5850′s. Even with 1 card and on low settings at 1080p, I struggle to stay in the 40 – 60FPS range with 1 card. AMD’s beta drivers do not play will with my cards and the 13.12 driver is 6 months old and they don’t seem to be in a hurry to make a new non-beta driver.

    Whats the point in having a beta if nothing get fixed in the beta before final release? Whatever, I Pay $60 bucks and have to wait for ever to get the game to even run smoothly on my system. Prices on these video cards need to come down or I’ll be rollin with these 5850′s for another year.

  • Ben Jones

    So… has this been patched yet? :|

  • Buddy Christ

    Is this done yet? It was 6 months ago. Can someone point me to the patch? Cause my SLI still isn’t working with it.

  • Tờ Riết

    i still have it, even when i disable CF