Titanfall DLC releases known as ‘Drop Pods’, Spring, Summer, Fall release schedule – $9.99 each


The Titanfall Season Pass has just been announced, and further details have emerged relating to the DLC schedule.

According to the GameStop website, a Titanfall DLC releases will be known as a ‘Drop Pod’ containing additional content of some description – new maps, weapons or something along those lines. There will be 3 Drop Pod’s in total, the first being released in Spring followed by Drop Pod 2 in Summer and Drop Pod 3 in Fall.

Each release is expected to retail for $9.99 which is where the advertised $5 Season Pass saving comes into play – buy individually and pay $30 in total, or buy the Season Pass and pay just $25/£19.99.

Both the Titanfall website and the GameSpot website suggest each DLC release will contain new maps, despite being touted as ‘rumor and speculation’ by Respawn/EA.

Below is a picture of the information displayed:


You can check out the information in the Titanfall section of the GameStop website.

  • Shodan155

    Need more info about content.

    • Jesse

      They will each probably contain new maps and other goodies. There will be NO microtransactions so these should really be the only PAID DLC they have planned outside all the free updates.

    • MattS71


  • Adavanter Mki

    Surely an option to buy this over XBL will happen..?

  • Young and Dope

    This is whats stopping me from getting it.

    • IamConnolly

      I don’t think they have said but I would doubt so.

  • JP

    I want to paint my titan! GIVE US PAINT SCHEME AND EMBLEM CREATION!!!