Titanfall website updated showing Pilot weapons and ordinance (listed)

The official Titanfall website has been updated detailing pilot classes, available weapons and ordinance.

Until now we’ve been running by a rumored weapon list extracted from Titanfall Beta code – and once again, it was pretty accurate. With DLC in the pipeline and the just announced Season Pass, you could assume weapon DLC is in the pipeline, but of course that would be speculating.

Here’s a quick run through of the weapons in list form:

Pilot Primary Weapons:

R-101C Carbine
EVA-8 Shotgun
Smart Pistol MK5
R97 Compact SMG
Longbow-DMR Sniper
G2A4 Rifle
Hemlok BF-R
Spitfire LMG

Pilot Anti-Titan Weapon:

Archer Heavy Rocket
Mag Launcher

Pilot Sidearm:

RE-45 Autopistol
Hammond P2011
B3 Wingman

Pilot Ordinance:

Frag Grenade
Satchel Charge
Arc Mine

You can check out the full list including Pilot classes here.

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