Respawn confirms “cool new modes on the way” for Titanfall, says the team has to “move on and do other things”

Respawn, speaking with OXM at Gamescom, confirmed that they still “cool new modes on the way” for Titanfall, and more free updates planned for the game.

“So we do have some plans to release some more free content, we’ve got some cool new modes on the way.”

Respawn also stated that the team won’t be supporting Titanfall indefinetly. The team will have to move on and do other things, presumbly work on future Titanfall titles. EA did confirm back in June that Respawn/EA are working together on “future Titanfall experiences,” although no other details were provided about the future.

“But at a certain point, we are going to have to wind down so that we can move on and do other things.”


“Because we’ve done a lot of post launch [support], I mean – six months of updates plus, and that includes Titan Burn Cards, the Insignias for Titans, the Black Market as well as all the normal hotfixes and weapon tweaks and stuff like that, so yeah, at a certain point we’ve got to give some people a break and then think about where we go next.”


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