Respawn and NVIDIA working together to implement GameWorks support for Titanfall on PC

NVIDIA has announced that they’re working with Respawn to implement their GameWorks technology for Titanfall on PC.

Now, we’ll be working with Titanfall’s game developer, Respawn Entertainment, to keep their multiplayer, first-person shooter at the cutting edge of image quality.

NVIDIA’s engineers will be collaborating with Respawn’s artists and engineers to build support for a number of NVIDIA GameWorks features into Titanfall.

“We are working towards implementing several NVIDIA GameWorks technologies that can make Titanfall look and play even better, including TXAA for high quality anti-aliasing and HBAO+ technologies for improved shadow details,” said Vince Zampella of Respawn Entertainment. “We will also be working towards updates for SLI and 4k support to ensure a fantastic high end PC experience.”

Respawn is also working on updates for players with SLI and even support 4k displays for a great experience on PCs for all types of users.

We’ll keep you updated as more information gets announced on these updates.


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