First Images of Titanfall K’Nex figures

The Titanfall line of K’Nex figures weren’t expected to be unveiled till February 16th at the New York Toy Fair, but it looks like Connected Digital obtained the first set of images of what the toy line will look like! The figures were on display at the London Toy Fair UK 2014.

The K’Nex Titanfall range will include pilots, Titans, spectres and other key themes from the video game. They are badged as available for kids aged 8 and up, but we suspect that collectors and older games fans will be tempted by them too.

“We’re delighted that the Titanfall Building Sets will be joining our collection,” said Paul Fogarty, managing director of K’Nex UK. “The game pre-launch buzz is already generating a huge following and fans of all ages will be able to build the Titanfall Frontier in their own homes












SOURCE: Connected Digital and K’NEX Facebook via @AZZATRU

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