Respawn was originally not planning a Xbox One version of Titanfall

In an interview with Digital Foundry, Respawn spoke about the initial development process for Titanfall. The game itself was originally not planned for the Xbox One, just the PC.

“Originally we weren’t planning on an Xbox One version of the game. I’m certain that having an Xbox One version has made our PC version much better – it justified the effort in moving to DX11 and even 64-bit,” Baker says. “I think in the future that’s going to continue. The higher-end [graphics] cards are always going to be able to do more, but a lot of the bottlenecks – especially on PC – are more CPU and with DX11 you can have the GPU do a lot more that the CPU did previously.”

Respawn said that deciding to make a Xbox One version eventually benefited the development of the PC version, as the helped in balancing out the specs and gameplay.

SOURCE: Digital Foundry 

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