We finally have the full list of Pilot weapons, tactical abilities, ordnance and tier kits included within Titanfall at launch.

We’ve put all the weapons in a list below – some also include unlock levels that we were able to confirm:

Primary Weapon:

R-101C Carbine
EVA-8 Shotgun
Smart Pistol MK5
R97 Compact SMG
Longbow-DMR Sniper
G2A4 Rifle (Unlocks at level 18)
Hemlok BF-R (Unlocks at level 29)
C.A.R. SMG (Unlocks at level 34)
Spitfire LMG (Unlocks at level 39)
Kraber-AP Sniper (Unlocks at level 44)

Anti-Titan Weapon:

Archer Heavy Rocket
Mag Launcher (Unlocks at level 22)
Charge Rifle (Unlocks at level 33)


RE-45 Autopistol
Hammond P2011
B3 Wingman (Unlocks at level 27)

Tactical Ability:

Active Radar Pulse (Unlocks at level 19)


Frag Grenade
Arc Grenade
Satchel Charge (Unlocks at level 17)
Arc Mine (Unlocks at level 31)

Tier 1 Kit:

Enhanced Parkour Kit
Explosives Pack
Power Cell
Run N Gun Kit (Unlocks at level 36)
Quick Reload Kit (Unlocks at level 42)
Stealth Kit (Unlocks at level 48)

Tier 2 Kit:

Dome-Shield Battery
Minion Detector
Warpfall Transmitter (Unlocks at level 16)
Dead Man’s Trigger (Unlocks at level 37)
The ‘Icepick’ (Unlocks at level 43)
Guardian Chip (Unlocks at level 49)