Voice sound files from the Titanfall Beta – “standby for titanfall” and more

Titanfall has some of the best audio/sound effects we’ve had the pleasure of listening to in a game.

Whether it be you’re entering your titan or mowing down pilot’s, Titanfall is filled with voice prompts and announcements throughout every map. Reddit user ‘acidRain_burns‘ has been in the process of extracting voice files from the Titanfall Beta and putting them online – as if the withdrawal isn’t hard enough to endure right now.

Here’s a few examples to bring back some memories:

Spyglass – “Command authenticated, Standby for Titanfall”

Titan Embark – “AI offline, transferring control to pilot”

Sarah – “Dropping now, Standby for Titanfall” – You may be thinking this voice sounds familiar. It is in fact the voice of Abbie Heppe, Community Manager for Titanfall/Respawn – @abbieheppe

You can check all of the files extracted so far here.

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