Titanfall ‘Generation’ system confirmed – Regeneration screen revealed including generation XP bonus

Many leaks have surfaced in recent weeks detailing a ‘generation’ levelling system, likened to the ‘prestige’ system seen within the Call of Duty franchise.

We know 10 ‘generation’ levels exist with a total of 50 levels within each ‘generation’ and the requirements to ‘regenerate’ your pilot. Whilst the leaks and rumor’s were fairly convincing, they remained rumor’s until further evidence was brought to the table.

Reddit user ‘FallenFusion’ has been able to obtain the ‘regeneration’ screen many of us will be seeing upon reaching the requirements to regenerate.

The regeneration screen confirms you will lose anything you have unlocked, challenges will be reset and you’ll revert to level 1. By regenerating from generation 1 to 2, you earn XP at an accelerated rate of 110% – meaning the XP acceleration chart per generation previously reported is accurate.

Source: Imgur via Reddit

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