Titanfall Xbox One download and install size will be 20GB, not 40GB as previously reported (UPDATED)

According to the website Dualshockers who spoke with Respawn Community Manager Abbie Heppe, Titanfall does not consume ‘up to 40GB’ on the Xbox One after all. Instead, Titanfall will be a 20GB download, and will only consume 20GB storage space in total.

Respawn initially confirmed the Xbox One download size for Titanfall will be 20GB which we assumed was the ‘installation files’ necessary to install the full game on your console. Claims of Titanfall requiring ‘up to’ 40GB of Xbox One storage surfaced during the announcement of the Xbox One Titanfall bundle.

Abbie Heppe states the discrepancy with installation sizes may be down to the fact that packaging for the Titanfall Xbox One bundle was done before the install size of the game was actually finalized.

Source: DualShockers

Respawn has confirmed the download size for the Xbox One version of Titanfall will be 20GB, slightly less than the 21GB download seen on PC.

We reported earlier in the week that Titanfall on the Xbox One requires up to 40GB of storage space to install, however the download size remained unknown.

Once the 20GB download is complete, Titanfall will be installed on your Xbox One console, consuming up to 40GB when finished – again less than the 48GB seen on PC.

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