Titanfall beta details announced; signup website now open

Respawn has announced the full details regarding the Titanfall beta. You have to signup in order to get a code to get in the beta. The beta is only for the Xbox One and PC, and codes will be sent out soon.

How do I get access to the closed Beta?

  • You can apply for access to the Titanfall closed Beta at our official registration page. Registration ends on Friday Feb 14th at 4pm PST. Head to www.titanfall.com/beta/ to register.

What platforms are supported in the Titanfall closed Beta?

  • The Titanfall closed Beta will be available for the PC via Origin and Xbox One.

What countries will the Titanfall closed Beta be supporting?

  • The Titanfall closed Beta will accept application from gamers around the world, but the actual gameplay will only offer English text and audio.

Do I get a key if I pre-ordered Titanfall?

  • No preorder is necessary to access the beta.

Is this representative of the final game code?

  • The Titanfall beta is not final code and represents a small slice of the game’s content. Testing the game before release helps us create a better final product for our fans.

Will there be an Xbox 360 Beta? 

  • There are no plans for a Titanfall Xbox 360 beta at this time.

Can I play the Beta on multiple accounts on my Xbox One?

  • Yes, if the closed Beta is installed on your system, all accounts should have access.

Sign up: http://www.titanfall.com/beta

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