Respawn not ruling out possibility of an open beta for Titanfall

Respawn has stated that they are not ruling out the possibility of having an open beta for Titanfall. Respawn’s Community Manager said that they don’t have any announcements to make about it today, but the studio is definietly thinking about it.

Hey everyone,


I know there is a lot of confusion over this right now. We ARE NOT running a beta at the moment. We’re doing some very limited technical testing (Alpha). If you have not been invited via email and signed a very comprehensive NDA, you cannot access it. I cannot get you in. Don’t be upset, most people are not going to be playing in this and the ones that are can’t talk about it, stream, post video, etc. We understand the desire for a Beta and we have not ruled it out but I don’t have any news on it for you currently. Thank you for your understanding! 



Abbie Heppe posted this on the official Respawn forums, and also

SOURCE: Respawn Forums

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