Rumor Denied: Titanfall will run at native 720p resolution on Xbox One, down from ’792p’ during beta build – UPDATED

UPDATE: Respawn has denied the claims made by the user, and the forum topic was closed.

Reports are coming in that the final Titanfall build will run at a native resolution of 720p, a reduction from the 792p during the Titanfall beta. Treat this entirely as rumor until conclusive evidence arises

According to NeoGAF user ‘CBOAT’ who has been linked to numerous Xbox One related leaks in the past (SOME of which were correct), 792p or above will not be the native resolution for Titanfall on the Xbox One.

The following was posted by ‘CBOAT’ on the NeoGAF forums:

Final game is 720p, not 792 like the beta.

We previously reported speaking with Abbie Heppe who mentioned the team are pushing for the 900p native resolution range for the final build. Given the very little evidence to go by based on the rumor, we’re swaying more towards an increase in native resolution as opposed to the potential decrease reported by ‘CBOAT’ upon final release.

The Titanfall Beta ran smoothly on the Xbox One, and given it was a beta, it in no way represented how far along the developers are in terms of optimisation and performance. We’d expect to see the resolution remain at 729p or increase.

Source: NeoGAF via @ManaByte

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