Inside & outside images of Titanfall Xbox 360 case – Hard drive required, 1GB installation


We’ve been sent images of the Titanfall Xbox 360 case by a fan who’s been able to get their hands on the game early.

Based on the information from the back of the box, a 1GB installation is required on consoles containing a hard drive – Xbox 360 4GB consoles and Arcade consoles will be unable to install and run the game without a hard drive.

We’ve yet to see actual gameplay of the Xbox 360 release but we’ll be sure to update you when it appears.

  • RaVe React

    I’m hoping now that people finally have their hands on this game, that means they will not delay it again. :)

  • Ben Juarez

    Can you use a USB thumb drive

    • Edwin Finnerty

      More than likely.

    • Mikes Modz

      nope you cant. just like metal gear ground zero’s REQUIRES A HARDDRIVE! like is states. Not internal memory or usb stick. just a heads up

      • Ben Juarez

        Thanks Mike, That really sucks for my 360 homies. Luckily I play on the PC.

  • DecayingDaylight

    Come on people, tell us how it runs.

    • brutedawg

      Would be a bit tough considering they haven’t turned those services on yet but I am also looking forward to gameplay footage …so I can yell at my friends for folding on an xbox one… and kick myself in the process because I followed.

      • DecayingDaylight

        Lol. Yeah I haven’t bought an X1 yet. I do have a Ps4 which I’m enjoying very much. But as soon as I save up for an X1 I will be enjoying it as well. I wanna play Killer Instinct,Dead Rising 3,Forza 5 etc……..

  • daniel

    is a 20 gb internal hard drive gonna work for titanfall

  • Jake

    So i need a hard drive for arcade

  • Jake

    Will it work on xbox 360 arcade

  • Jake

    If i get a 120gb hard drive