Titanfall will not have a Season Pass – UPDATE: no details on Season Pass at this time


UPDATE: The official Titanfall Twitter profile made an update on the subject of whether or not a Season Pass will be introduced.

Respawn have stated they have no details to announce around a Season Pass “at this time” – which brings into question the original tweet stating there will not be a Season Pass whatsoever. For now we can only assume the Season Pass is still a potential prospect as opposed to not happening at all as previously reported.

ORIGINAL STORY: Many people have been wondering whether or not Titanfall will be using a similar DLC model to Call of Duty or Battlefield when it comes to additional content.

We’ve known for a while that Titanfall will not feature microtransactions, but a Season Pass remained an unanswered question.

The official Titanfall Twitter account has confirmed there will not be a Season Pass for Titanfall. This is not to say it won’t happen in the future for when Titanfall 2 is announced, but for now you won’t need to invest any further money in to the game.

If and when Titanfall DLC is released, you will pay on the spot for that particular DLC pack instead of a Season Pass payment model.

  • TheGamerBeast

    am loving respawn more and more every damn single day atleast they are not thinking of how to gain more money while they can do that easily i love it when u buy every single DLC and to choose weather to Buy this one or no

    • John Blue

      Being in total agreement with the points you made, I’m gonna say this:
      If they had a season pass I’d be more than happy to get it right away to support them.

      • TheGamerBeast

        agree with u 100%

      • ELVEVERX

        Well ta-da they have one now lol

        • John Blue

          Yeah, there was one months ago, but anyways thanks for the news…

    • Auptyk

      I always buy season passes for games I am sure I will like, and it has only come back to screw me over once. CoD: Ghosts. But the good thing about season passes is that it helps to minimize the amount of fragmentation among the community.

      While this game is on dedicated servers, you are still “matchmade” to those servers. So then what you have is this action: Players with only base game, Players with ALL DLC, Players with only 1st, Players with only 2nd and 3rd… players with only 1st and 3rd, etc etc.

      While you are all playing the same game, you have technically lost a large amount of available players for you to play because you are running different “packs” of the game. The season pass with a small discount overall helps (does eliminate) to minimize this.

      • Jacob Peterson

        I have a tweet response from a few devs that say that isn’t how it happens. Instead, there are two pools: DLC, and non-DLC. If you only have part of the DLC, you get put in the DLC pool and kicked out if there’s a map that you don’t own.

        • Auptyk

          It must depend on the game/developer/publisher then. I know that CoD functions as I described above. We had to require all clan members (who wanted to play in the group) to pick up DLC because it just got ridiculous the combinations that were happening and the matchmaking went to crap.

          • Jacob Peterson

            It probably does depend, but I specifically got that response from BanCandy at Infinity Ward because of Ghosts.

    • chief

      SP still saves you money in the end though, as long as you actually intend to buy every dlc.

    • 111AlaN111

      I’d like to have a SeasonPass for Titanfall, with a price smaller than buying all the DLCs one by one.

  • MattS71

    Respawn needs to be a little more forthcoming with the INFO…..! The game is less than 2 weeks away, and I still know little!

  • Brian
  • kimkaos

    Beta Played – game pre-paid – no more talking – I wanna play now!

  • Lee Foster

    If this is the case why is Origin selling as season pass for $19.99?