Respawn will add private matches to Titanfall post-launch


Respawn has tweeted confirming that the studio will add private matches option to Titanfall post-launch. Many eSports players tweeted out saying Titanfall will not be a good competitive game, just a regular FPS due to lack of basic support. Private matches was one of the issues that people were complaining about. Respawn tweeted to a fan saying that it will be added post launch.

  • Jesse

    Hopefully they will make it so that you can do matches with only bots or matches with only human players. Reason I say that is because many will only want to play by themselves with bots and many will want to play with no bots at all.

    I am honestly one of those who prefer to play alone with bots unless I am playing with friends but I know a lot of people dont want to play with bots at all. This way it can be fair for both groups and everyone can be happy about it.

    • M4STOD0N

      I wish these multiplayer games would give offliners access to the full game. Let me just play with bots and still level up and experience the meta-game ranking and challenges. I don’t care if it has to be a separate offline profile, I don’t want this to boost my stats or anything as I’m not an online competitive gamer, I just like playing for fun and they’re sucking the fun out of it.

      I’d love to play titanfall, but with no ‘play by myself’ mode, I never will. I can’t imagine it taking much effort to do so since it seems like they already have most of the AI for the game anyways. Why not just provide a mode that lets people that don’t want to play competitively, still enjoy what they created. I think their audience would broaden immensely.