titanfall 2Titanfall is one of the highest reviewed games of all time and since the first release in 2014 there have been millions of players joining the fight. Known for its stylish design and unique fighting style it’s no surprise it’s such a hit with the players with the first release in the series winning over 30 different awards.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of the series, Titanfall is a first person shooter set in outer space. In this war like environment players pilot huge metal suits with insane abilities into combat, facing off in multiple different scenarios. These mech style suits allow players to fight in a fast paced environment with unique weaponry and features like wall running.

Titanfall 1 and 2 are both known for their amazing graphics and immersive worlds. The mech style doesn’t end with the human suits and there are various different weapons and constructions which can be controlled. The battle tank exoskeleton is a favorite with the players.

The gameplay itself is fast paced and constantly moving. The more popular mode is the multiplayer where up to 50 characters can compete and fight to see who comes out on top. In this mode there are hundreds of different weapons and items you can use with various maps to explore. The original game had over 15 different maps and 3 tiers of titan, with more being introduced into the sequel.

Alongside this there is a single player campaign mode. This has a different feel to it but the multiplayer campaign mode is a great addition. This let’s you explore the other mode with other players, perfect for those who enjoy co-op gaming.

The games were inspired by futuristic ideas in star wars and blade runner and you can certainly see the comparison. The Titanfall games are known for their amazing graphics, well thought out gameplay and unique ideas which set them apart from classic first person shooters.

Titanfall 3

With two mega popular games already under their belt the creators, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts, had a lot to deliver in the third edition. Indeed they’ve kept the fans waiting with rumors circulating since early 2017 that the game was due for imminent release.

What we do know is the Respawn, the creators of the original 2 games, have been bought out entirely by EA. This is potentially very good news for the franchise as EA have the money and resources to breathe new life into the project, making the fans dreams a reality.

But what does this mean for the game? Well for starters it could mean that we see a very different game from the first 2. EA will have the full control over the project and will be able to shape it as they see fit. However we have to consider their motivations. We’ve already had 2 very successful games with a unique angle and EA are unlikely to mess with the winning formula. It’s hard to know but we’re hoping we don’t see too much of a move from the first 2 games.


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With that in mind, gaming review sites have been eager to get the first look at Titanfall 3 and the buzz has been real surrounding it. The fans are crying out for a third game and the designers seem to be taking their time to deliver. However in the past few weeks we’ve been hearing more substantial rumors about Titanfall 3 and we can now report on what we expect to be in there:

  • A Longer Campaign

On forums and websites everywhere you can see that Titanfall is insanely popular but one of the biggest gripes with the first 2 installments is that the campaign wasn’t long enough. While the game is mostly a multiplayer there is definitely a desire from the fans to have more single player story mode and in late 2017 it was announced that the third game would deliver. We can expect a longer campaign mode with more depth for those looking for a story.

  • Local Co-Op

Multiplayer these days is normally centered around online connections. There are not many games these days which feature a split screen co operative function but rumor has it that Titanfall 3 may break the mold. Unfortunately these are just rumors at this point and while we doubt there is much truth to it- we seriously hope that it is the case!

  • More Customisation

The great thing about Titanfall is, of course, the massive machines you get to control! These huge mech tanks are what the game is all about and rumor has it that the third installment will see much more customization from the player. We’re confident that these will be included in the third game however we suspect there might be some micro transactions for some of the skins as EA are firmly in the driving seat now…

Release Date

So when can we expect the release of Titanfall 3? Well the rumor that’s growing is that later in 2018 is when the game will officially come out and we’re pretty sure that this is the case. However there are some doubts that Respawn are going to deliver. Nevertheless we hold out hope and we’re expecting confirmation either way in the next few months- so watch this space!