Matchmaking upgrades and improvements for Titanfall on the way


Titanfall players have reported instances whereby first-time player teams are matched with a more experienced team of players, resulting in a skill imbalance.

Although some may consider it an ideal scenario to be put up against a team of low-level and minimal experience players, it’s not an ideal situation for everyone.

Respawn are working to improve the state of matchmaking within the game with “more details in the near future.”

  • philip bell

    yet again an online shooter that seems to forget how important match making is to the experience

    • 111AlaN111

      The level of the enemy doesn’t matter, what matters is the K/D, that’s what Respawn should use to choose players

      • John Blue

        @111alan111:disqus @adavantermki:disqus I don’t think we should assume they mean to use a level based matchmaking system. However Alan’s suggestion of K/D based system wouldn’t be much good in objective modes. More like a weird, overcomplicated calculation of the player’s accomplishments that takes into account the stats that are relevant for the game mode you are joining… Yeah, I got no idea how these things work, but neither level or K/D alone are good enough for matchmaking.

        • 111AlaN111

          Maybe kills per minute

  • Adavanter Mki

    Doesn’t really work anyway. My level 1 starting pilot stomped a 36… Rank shouldn’t dictate the match. Perhaps some other skill ranking system. Even then that’s not fair.

    In Halo a lot of my friends were a solid 25 to 30. I was a 50… the game always put us against entire teams of 50s. Needless to say we always lost.