Origin Store indicates Titanfall “Beta is coming, prepare for battle”


The official EA Origin Store appears to have been updated to indicate that the Titanfall “Beta is coming, prepare for battle”. We couldn’t believe it either when @AbelHazzer sent us the tip, but if you head over to the Origin order page you’ll see it at the top left corner.

At this time, nothing official has been announced.

This is the first time we’ve seen it so let us know what you guys think..

UPDATE: Looks like EA removed it from their page. Hopefully we hear something soon guys…

SOURCE: Origin Store

  • the boss

    Timpo m0 f0 on Xbox told me this ages ago! He is Boss!

  • John C. Williams

    I think this is cool, but I wonder if this is only a thing for those who have pre-ordered on PC via Origin. I plan to buy it on both one day, but currently just for Xbox One. I have a great PC, with a nice new GTX 780… but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna pre-order a full price game on Origin just to play the beta. I signed up on their site, if I get a beta invite (if it is happening) to the PC or Xbox One that would be great, if not… it’s whatever. Having played the Alpha, I know I’m buying this regardless. You’re all going to love it. :D

    • Syctra

      I don’t think it says anywhere that you have to pre-order to get beta access. You’re pre-ordering the full price game to get the actual game, the beta is just an added bonus and shouldn’t be a reason to justify a purchase lol… Just don’t see why you would buy the lower quality version when you have a GTX 780 to run the PC version.

      • John C. Williams

        Sorry for the novel. :D

        It’s not a question about graphics or “quality”. It’s a question about gameplay.

        I’m a former competitive Halo and Gears player, which are both primarily console games. Gears takes a lot of gunskill, but 85% of that is really based on a players movement. Halo, being an FPS, has more of an emphasis on gunskill and crucial jumps to get from point A to B. Now, Titanfall has a lot of both of those things… however plays most similarly to CoD. It’s “easy to pick up, yet difficult to master” will be evident once you play the game. The point I’m trying to make is, I would never buy CoD on PC… it’s a console game. Period. Regardless of it starting on PC, the largest casual audience and eSports supporters for coD are console players.

        Last year at Quakecon, I won a PC 3v3 Loadout tournament (F2P shooter on Steam releasing 1/31/14, check it out) sponsored by Razer… but here’s the kicker, I played with a controller. Why? 1. It wasn’t illegal for the event, and it’s supported in the game. 2. I got laughed at, and a lot of strange looks until our team won in the finals. I also stopped the final flag cap by cross mapping the runner, proving clutch plays can be made on a pad. It’s purely elitism if you think otherwise, and trust me I love Quake & other titles on PC with my keyboard and mouse. I respect PC players, though us console fellas tend to be the bud of countless “noob” jokes.

        Loadout, like Titanfall is more about movement.

        Shooters 101: Hitting your shots ARE important, but forcing players to MISS is equally as important.

        To anyone else reading this, feel free to flame me all you want that’s just my opinion. If you can’t embrace the movement you’ll soon feel in Titanfall, you will lose a lot of your gunfights. Also, if you’ve ever played Shadowrun (2007) you’ll know that the last thing you should of in this game is CHASE.

        Though I plan to buy it on both, as an eSports fan I can boldly say I haven’t had this much fun playing a title since Halo 2 on console. Plus, more of my friends are console players. A lot of them will be buying an Xbox One either before or on release day for Titanfall. If we see Ranks/Ladders, Spectator Mode, Private Lobbies, and overwhelming community outcry (and I feel there will be)… plus Respawn offers fantastic dev support for the title, eSports would be a no-brainer.

        If eSports takes off on PC, I’ll gladly support Titanfall there too. I truly love the game.

        However, I would personally rather compete on the Xbox One.
        If the game takes off I plan on teaming with GRFS, GoW, BF, UT, and Halo players. All of which are versed in several FPS/TPS titles (including CoD). Being well rounded >.

        Again, I love my PC and will buy it on Origin eventually. For now, my focus is on the console version. I’ll probably get more excited for the PC version once mod support is introduced. :D

        • Eragornable .

          You do realize a PC player can smoke any competition? No offense to console, i have one myself, but the whole competitive leagues and all started with PC. Only reason it mainly shifted to consoles is because players found it simpler to become better at a controller than a Mouse and Keyboard.

          I don’t know about your LAN event or anything, but you are welcome to bring your controller to a PRO Lan event, and we will make sure you are an actual laughing stock.

          Moving and shooting on PC is not that easy, but learn-able. I wouldn’t say the same on controller. My aim skills in games such as COD and BF and any 1st or 3rd person shooters are quite average, even “clutch” at times. But at PC? Hell son, Bring your controller to a Counter Strike Tourney, I dare you to get past round one.

          My point is, Competitive on consoles isn’t big because it’s popular or considered good if you “strafe and shoot”, it is just because it’s SIMPLER. nothing more. No Elitism or anything, I love all gaming systems, and respect their people, but i just don’t like when you or like you think we are the same. NO, We are gamers, but not the same skill level. PC is a harder curve to learn, while consoles, much easier.

          • John C. Williams

            You did read that I won that particular PC LAN with a controller, yes? I have no doubt that I CANNOT out snipe a Pro PC player. You have a mouse with precision… but that doesn’t mean I cannot outsmart or even out maneuver you. Games are mostly mental, you’re choice of input does not ultimately determine your skill level or understanding of the game. Also, once the game releases, I’ll be hunting down PC streams nightly to see if players are doing anything different to create/evolve new tactics or strategies. Learning isn’t a crime. Adapting things learned from others into your play style can only ever benefit yourself.

            Regardless, PC FPS titles are really only big in Europe. PC titles such as LoL and Dota are large in the US, but shooters specifically hold little weight in North America. In the US, eSports shooters are entirely dominated by console games. If Titanfall does become an eSport in America (where I live), it likely won’t be on a PC circuit… that’s just a fact. If the game is a viable eSport title, expect it to get picked up by MLG.

            Do keep in mind, MLG doesn’t care if a game is good… they care if there is an audience that brings in constant VIEWS. More views = more sponsors = more money from investors for them. Sure they promote eSports growth… heck they get more views than college football can pull any given weekend, but they’re not perfect. Lots of great games end up not being featured or staying on their circuit for long. Mainly due to the style of play.

            I’ve been around MLG long enough to know that if your gameplay is slow or standoffish (Gears of War was notorious for that at a high level) you’ll get dropped because people don’t want to watch that. They want intensity. They want to see their favorite player making skillful plays, back to back to back. Not a lot of waiting around.

            Same can be said about stalemates during gametypes in Halo 3. MLG would almost rather cut to a commercial during a tied match in the finals if players are sitting there not moving because they’re waiting on power weapons to spawn. They removed Oddball in Halo 3 v7 because their stream numbers took a dive when it was played. Heaven forbid the gametype that takes the MOST teamwork to win be played just because your numbers aren’t as high when it’s streamed… o_O

            Jumping forward to when Halo 4 came out, it’s first event sold out. We didn’t even have enough chairs to sit in. But it didn’t matter… the game played poorly, and it was dropped after 1 event.

            Titanfall foreseeably doesn’t have that problem. It is nothing but movement, action, and intensity. No stalemates. No outrageous amounts of camping. Many of the devs (as we all know) built CoD4 and MW2. It should come as no surprise that Titanfall is ultimately targeting a CoD-esque audience, which is largest on CONSOLES, not PCs.

            It’s exactly what MLG would want. Also, look around at the MLG venue… Sony is nowhere to be seen. They should rename their company to “Microsoft League Gaming”, it would be more fitting. Are there PCs at their events? Yes. But are shooters played on PC at MLG? Nope. Not unless it’s a smaller sponsored event held by FullSail or something where you can play Shoot Mania Storm, or Planetside 2, etc…

            This game being an Xbox exclusive isn’t going to hurt its sales. Halo was never multi-plat, and it pretty much built MLG into what it is today. Even though CoD is multi-plat, it’s only played on Xbox’s at LANs.

            If the game takes off on PC, it’ll be overseas at Dreamhack or something similar… but in America, I just don’t see it happening. Not with the same impact that console shooters have here on US soil.

          • Sal

            I read both of your responses. Nicely done John; thanks for educating everyone on that:)

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  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

    Waiiiittttt…”Origin”? A “digital rights management” system from “Electronic Arts”?

    Looooooooooooooooooooooooool, epic fail…

  • Osman

    Is the BETA only for US ?
    Because when I go to my origin Account and if I search for Titanfall, there is nothing written like : Beta is coming. Be prepared for battle (like in that picture above)…..
    I’m from Germany

  • KaianatorHD

    Do you think it will be able to playable by the public or do you think its selected individuals? Do you think we will be able to create videos on the beta when it comes out eg. record gameplays ect?